Mozan commons

A word of welcome

house study room

     Welcome to a laid back "social forum." Eschewing the frenetic rhythm of daily updates, we will privilege a few thoughtful encounters. It is open to those who have been associated not only with Mozan, but also with Terqa, Qraya, Ziyada, Korucu, the Caucasus, and the many campuses where Marilyn and I have taught. "Mozan Commons" is the current venue that embraces all these other venues from the past.
     Yasmine Mahmoud will be our hostess from Damascus. Her editor's corner will provide a quiet sense of unity to our virtual gatherings. Please visit with her, with all of us.

     Giorgio Buccellati
     April 2017


     If you do not have access, please write to the webmaster saying why you would like to join our group.

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